Not only storage,

but also same day delivery,
so amazing!


Step 1

Scene of making a reservation



Let’s make a reservation
for luggage drop-off and pick-up.

Step 2

Illustration of a person carrying luggage

Luggage drop-off


Release the luggage in the reserved place. Pay after luggage drop-off is also OK!

Step 3

Illustration of a person receiving luggage

Luggage pick-up


You can pick-up the luggage after settled the payment online!
Show “My Page” then collect your luggage.

Fee - Tax included


Preferable place 600 JPY/day


From Osaka City

To Osaka City 1,300 JPY
To Kyoto City 2,000 JPY
To Kansai Airport

From Kyoto City

To Kyoto City 1,000 JPY
To Osaka City 2,000 JPY
To Kansai Airport 2,500 JPY

From Kansai Airport

To Osaka City 1,800 JPY
To Kyoto City 2,500 JPY

Acceptable size


Total length of three sides within 203cm
The longest side within 170cm


Within 25kgs

Illustration of a suitcase

Banned items:

  • Cash, coupon, cards (credit card etc).
  • Valuables and the items that cannot be reissued when lost.
  • Expensive items.
  • Over-sized items (any one side over 170cm).
  • Over-weighted items (total weight over 25kgs).
  • Fragile items (Precision equipment etc).
  • Perishable items (food, drinks, etc.).
  • Animal
  • Dangerous items (toxic substances or sharp objects).

Please make sure all items in the luggage are for general personal use. Terms of service

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